Multi-Purpose Nano Cleaning Set

1. Nano Cleaning Liquids: It adopts nano-silver potent formula, which can decontaminate and suppresse bacteria effectively.

2. Multi-Function Cleaning Brush: Make-up grade soft brush, quickly clean dust in the hard reach places and without damaging the devices.

3. Cleaning Wipe: Made of suede, the surface is delicate and soft, more durable.

4. Air Blowing Ball: Made of soft plastic, delicate touch, to remove all kinds of dust in small gap.

Product Parameter

cleaning liquids x 1  air blow ball x 1      microfiber cloth x 2  brush x 1


Name: Multi-Purpose Nano Cleaning Set

Product Contents: Nano cleaning liquids, Brush, Microfiber cloth, Air blow ball

Features: Antibacterial, harmless and eco-friendly, strong decontamination, easy to use

Application: for computer, LCD monitor, camera, mobile phone, watch, glass products, etc.

Product Information