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What is SGS?


一. What is SGS?

      SGS is the abbreviation of Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A., translated as "General Notary Public".

      SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization. It is a globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS is an internationally recognized inspection, accreditation, testing and certification organization with more than 95,000 employees worldwide, located in more than 2,400 branches and laboratories, forming a global service network.

      SGS-CSTC Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established in 1991 by Swiss SGS Group and China Standard Technology Development Corporation affiliated to the former State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It takes the first words of "General Public Notary" and "Standard Measurement Bureau". The intention is that in China, SGS has built 78 branches and more than 150 laboratories across the country, with more than 15,000 well-trained professionals.

二. SGS duties

      SGS is a comprehensive inspection agency that performs a variety of physical, chemical and metallurgical analyses, including destructive and non-destructive testing, providing the client with a complete quantity and quality inspection and related technical services, providing shipping The former inspection service provides various services related to international trade such as commodity technology, transportation, warehousing, etc., and supervises all or any part of the commercial trade and operation related to the purchase and sale, trade, raw materials, industrial equipment, and consumer goods migration. process. Within SGS, according to the classification of commodities, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Mineral Chemistry and Metallurgy, the Non-Destructive Testing Division, the National Government Contract Services Department, the Transportation and Storage Department, the Industrial Engineering Product Service Section, the Risk and Insurance Services Department, etc. department.

三. SGS certification

      SGS certification is a certificate or report issued by SGS for compliance or testing services performed by SGS on a product or organization according to a country's standards, regulations or customer requirements. Currently, SGS Group has more than 95,000 employees worldwide, distributed in more than 2,400 branches and laboratories, forming a global service network. SGS has a variety of professional laboratories in accordance with the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany and other standards or customer requirements to provide comprehensive testing and issued a widely recognized authoritative test report or certificate.

四. SGS service

      Core services can be divided into the following four categories:

Inspection: We provide world-leading testing and verification services, such as checking the status and weight of traded goods during transit, helping to control quantity and quality, and meeting all relevant regulatory requirements in different regions and markets.

Testing: Our global network of test facilities is staffed by knowledgeable and experienced people who can help you reduce risk, reduce time to market, and test the quality, safety and performance of your products against relevant health, safety and regulatory standards.

Certification: Through certification, we can prove to you whether your product, process, system or service meets national and international standards and regulations or customer-defined standards.

Identification We ensure that our products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. By combining global coverage with local knowledge, unparalleled experience and expertise across virtually every industry, SGS covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.

五. How is SGS certified?

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